A strategic plan should provide a structured and obtainable path to enable an agency to accomplish its mission. It should specify direction, include measurable goals/objectives and be the guiding document for day to day decisions. Ironwood Strategic Solutions’ strategic plan facilitation and development accomplishes all of this criteria far beyond a “check box” and a wish list. Your final document will be a credible and practical road map to elevate your organization’s journey of continued improvement and success. We employ the following elements to accomplish this desired outcome:

A combination of solid foundational strategic planning ideologies with an innovative facilitation and plan implementation approach. 

We accomplish this with a professional staff that has a unique skill set that includes undergraduate and graduate level degrees, professional strategic plan certification, and extensive strategic planning facilitation/management experience in the Fire/EMS service. Further, we bring expansive experience in organizational communications – a key component in strategic plan development and implementation.

A client-specific approach.

It is our priority to create a truly customized strategic plan that will work for your agency and community. We do not confine our approach to a one-size-fits-all template. Extraordinary effort is made to create a professional and appealing document that both your members and community will want to pick up and read. It is not developed to exist on a bookshelf. The plans we create are often found on desks, in reception lobbies, common area tables and work spaces throughout the organization.

An understanding of your agency’s culture.

Understanding an agency from “within” helps ensure that we facilitate and develop a final product that is unequivocally bound to your organization. This is significant to earning “buy-in” from agency members and a commitment that lends itself to successful plan implementation.

Partnering with your agency to develop a communication plan.

A critical element of the strategic planning process is having an effective communication plan that reaches all organizational members both during the development process and the effective period of the strategic plan. Our team will assist your agency in developing a communication plan that incorporates the best methods to ensure all relevant information reaches members in a timely and efficient manner.

Support after the completion of the document.

A majority of strategic plans that fail do so not because of bad strategy, but because of lack of execution. Upon completion of your strategic plan, we will remain your partner in the effort to implement and execute the plan. This can occur in several formats. We can customize an implementation and execution plan that best fits your agency.

Additional notes

We strive to make strategic plan facilitation and development a cost-effective process for every size agency. We accomplish this by maintaining a small and efficient organizational structure that has minimal overhead.

While many agencies have current strategic plans in place, COVID-19 has brought forth new operational and financial challenges that significantly affect current strategic plans. Ironwood stands ready to assist with updating existing strategic plans or starting a new strategic planning process.