Shared Services | Consolidations | Mergers | Fire Authority

Shared services is an umbrella term for the variety of organizational methods in which fire agencies can effectively collaborate with other fire agencies. Ironwood Strategic Solutions can assist you with your shared services delivery solutions. Let’s face it, no one can go it alone in this world and a fire agency is no different. The world is changing at a rapid pace given new regulations, biological threats and increased service demands. A shared services solution allows an agency to improve its services or reduce its expenses by becoming a better neighbor.

Shared services can be as simple as participating in a regional dispatch center or as comprehensive as a full merger of multiple fire agencies. Ironwood will work with you to determine which level of shared services will best serve your community. We will outline the advantages and disadvantages of each shared services strategy. We will guide you through the potential operational, administrative, and cultural impacts of shared services. Lastly, we will make recommendations on the level of shared services and help you determine if there exists synergistic opportunities for shared services. We understand that collaboration is not as simple as flipping a switch. The process will take time and we will guide you throughout the process. We pride ourselves on doing follow-up to ensure effectiveness of the chosen strategy.